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Bitcoin Casino USA – a Newbie Friendly Casino

Bitcoin Casino USA is a US based business that’s been around for over three years. Its founders were tech savvy individuals who wanted to provide a fun and unique site that is suitable for newbies, intermediate players and advanced gamblers. They believe that every player deserves a safe and secure site.

This site takes security measures very seriously because they have been in the casino business for over three years. This company has not only been a leader in technology, but in customer service as well.

This site is also completely safe. In fact, they are a member of various online security accreditation organizations such as Google Safe Browsing. This ensures their site is safe and secure.

They also offer many poker bonuses and promotions. Of course, when you sign up for their site you get a free month with no deposit. This is a great deal if you’re looking to start off with a new account and play poker.

As the owner of a bitcoin casino in the US I was excited to find this type of service when I found out about it. Not only does it provide a safe environment for casino games, but it also provides features that no other site has. You can also play poker and have your bets placed for you.

If you’re new to online gambling and have had little luck winning on any site then you should take a look at a bitcoin casino. Many of the casino games are real money games. You do not need to have your own computer or even a telephone line to get started with them.

They provide everything for you except the site itself. This site does not charge any fees to join. The way the system works is that you become a member and deposit your first deposit before playing your first hand.

Your deposit will be matched by others that want to play high stake games such as blackjack and roulette. Then once you start to win more you can play for free using your deposit. Of course, since this is an online site there are many other sites that will match your deposits so you can play for free until you win a lot of money.